Monday, October 19, 2009

Michaels Fresh Market thru 10/20/09

20 lb bag Riceland Extra Long Grain Rice 7.99/bag = .3995/lb limit 2 bags
(If you are asking what would I ever do with all this rice, see other post on rice mixes. I have classes/share this rice).

Sara Lee Smoked Turkey Breast 3.99/lb
Healthy One Honey Mesquite Ham 2.99/lb
Wisconsin Pepper Jack Cheese 1.99/lb
Landolakes American Cheese 1.99/lb

Limes 10cents each (make key lime pie, sweet and sour mix ...)
Garlic 10 cents each (store in root cellar for later use, roast and freeze for later use)

Chicken Drumsticks 69cents/lb
Bone-in Chicken breasts 99cents/lb
Tilaplia Fillets 1.99/lb

PS Caputos also has sales on eggplant 49 cents/lb, beets 29cents/lb, red peppers 79cents/lb, red delicious apples 69cents/lb and deli meat. However, I don't typically like to go to more than 2 locations each week. This week Michaels and Jewel.
With eggplant (roasted/dried, frozen for later use), beets (add to henna to color my hair), red peppers (roast in oven and peel skin and freeze for later use), apples priced ok for weekly consumption and for apple sauce or freeze for later use.

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