Monday, October 5, 2009

Cleaning Garden Plot and birthday

Went to the garden yesterday to:
  • remove tomato stakes
  • bring home tools
  • clean brush and remove plants to compost
  • dig sweet potatoes (1 -5 gallon bucket full)
  • remaining tomatoes (red and green)
  • peppers
  • beans
  • gourds

Today I need to process the items:
1-sweet potato and sage ravioli (freeze the excess)
2-more salsa verde

Today is my husband's birthday and the best present I can give him is cleaning the kitchen. With all the harvesting, it has been 'conjested'.

I'd like to make him a special dinner:
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Sweet potato, goat cheese, sauteed onion, and sage ravioli with a parmesan butter sauce and pine nuts.
  • Creme Brule'

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    I add goat cheese, and sauteed onion. Maybe a bit of cumin.