Sunday, October 18, 2009


It was Saturday night and I was folding clothes and thought, since it was Sweetest Day, maybe I should mend some of my husband's jeans. He is a carpenter and the knees get worn out.

He brought me 5 pairs of pants that need knee patches and 4 pairs that need to be shortened (were different brands from Men's Wearhouse/Old Navy). He also had 5 pair that don't fit.

His favorite jeans are Levi's 505. At Kohls they can cost as much as $36 on sale $26. In the past, I have purchased jeans on Ebay. Typically slightly used and cost $10 (incl shipping). Well the problem has been that the pants haven't been consistently sized.

So, I patched 3 last night and 2 of my kids pants.

With the pants that don't fit: I won't resell or donate them because in many cases they are very used. I'll cut them into 4"x4" squares and I'm planning to use them for quilting squares. Currently, I'm using the squares as patches.

This project is on my list for this week.

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  1. Some of my daughter's pants are too short. Her waist is still a 3T and she will be 4 in 2 months. If I have time, I'll add 2" of ribbon, tulle, decoration to the hem to make them longer. What do you think?

    When the kids were little 2-4, the front of shirts would get gross from them spilling food on them. If the shirt is long sleeve, I take the sleeves off and sew them inside a short sleeve shirt to have more long sleeve shirts for the winter.

    For kids clothing purchases:
    I take banker's boxes/rubbermaid tubs and tape an index card on the outside. With a sharpee, I write the child's name, the size, and items on the index card. I don't like to write directly on the box/tub because I like to reuse the boxes for other things.

    During summer garage sales, thrift stores, & store clearance sales, I look for shirts, pants, jackets... at the cost of $2 or less/item to place in the boxes. I like to go about 2 years out maximum.