Monday, July 19, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week #4

Taco Bell
Bribery for daughter to go to garden with me. oop $4.50

Took trip to Field Museum:
$2.5o for donuts at train.
$6.90 for ice cream on return trip at train

green beans
red onions
yellowfin tuna
deli meats and cheese
chick peas
corn tortillas
king burgers
oop $28.46 I purchased extra plums and apricots with the expectation to can them in a marmelade or in a light syrup. They are sitting on the counter and expect to do process them this afternoon. (wed)

Jewel (I was snack mom for baseball)
3 - 10 ct juice boxes
3 packs gum

So far oop: $52.40
Expectations - I didn't put the ice packs back from the cooler for the juice boxes (baseball) and it is going to be HOT today. My husband is buying lunch - expect $10. Promised husband he can have a El Famous Burrito on Thursday (I have Toastmasters) expect $12. Almost out of beer, husband wants Landshark expect $12. Kelloggs deal at Jewel exp $4 and I need to pick up some fruit for baseball team $6 last game party -expect purchases $44.

Week 3 Total $93.69

Garden Fresh Market (Sat)
gallon milk
chicken thighs
oop $9.48

Total for week: $165.78 - less $13.01 paper -less $9.08 garden -less $50 mail in rebate.
For the contest my qualifying numbers would be $93.69. However, my personal goal is less than $100 for all (grocery, cosmetic, eating out, pet stuff, and garden items.) My total for this excluding the MIR $115.78.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Week 3 cont.

6 Grande Tortillas + raincheck for 3 more $1.99-$1q
4 Fisher Fusion nut mixes + raincheck for 3 more @ $1.29 - $1q
rain check on worchestershire sauce 2.99-2 q + looking for mail in rebate
20 toothbrushes priced at $1 and had 5 $2 off 2 FREE
4 soda 12 packs for $8 plus free package of Johnsonville sausages
2 kraft salad dressings
2 Edy's ice creams
oop $19.57

Since I'm out of competition decided to do liquor deal
7 bottles 750 ml of smirnoff vodka flavors
1 capton morgans 750 ml rum

oop $60.04 less $50 mail in rebate; gave 2 bottles to friends who contributed their coupons. Using rest of bottles for holiday gifts.

So far:
$156.30-$13.01-$9.08-$50. = $84.21 plus holding $4 off next order.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 3

hot dog buns
2 Edy's Ice Cream and received $4 oyno catalina
4 12 packs coke, diet coke, sprite - best price so far 4 for $8
Johnsonville beef brat free w/soda purchase
oop $14.61

4 king hamburgers
chicken drumsticks 49cents/lb
2 dzn eggs
yogurt (activia 4 pk and 2lbs plain)
deli meat-(ham and turkey and cheese american and pepperjack)
oop $30.36

cat food
cat litter
cooking spray
canned pineapple, mandarin ojs, pears
toilet paper
styrofoam cups coffee
candy bar
ice cream cones
oop $22.64 less paper/pet $13.01

garden miracle grow soil and food $9.08

totals $76.69 - $13.01 -$9.08 = $54.60 (Note -I'm trying to keep amount below $100 for paper products, petcare, and food items inc. garden.) +$4 catalina

planted beans, carrots, beets, zinnas, radishes, lettuce in addition to my current plants of: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (many varieties), corn, cabbage, tomatillos, marigolds. My deck has basil, cilantro, coriander, chives, lettuce, & radishes.

I took some frozen raspberries and cooked them in a simple syrup, then strained the seeds. I used the sauce as a topping on cheesecake (from the freezer) and also in the plain yogurt for the kids.

Made granola bars. A little too sweet. DH has been eating them. Made buttery bisquits with bread machine ( ended up with 3 pie plates of dough balls. Placed 2 in second fridge for later use.

Made 4 dozen molasses cookies and about 3.5 cups of granola ( Plan to make fruit/yogurt parfaits for breakfast.

Ceramic Tile
I usually wash the floors with vinegar and water for past 7 years. I was looking at the tile and the grout and it didn't look clean enough. I used borax and a scrubber and I had to change the water 6 times. Wow!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week 2 Total $117.96

Verry disappointing week.

Total was $123.15 less paper products $1.19 and $4 = $117.96.
Not sure if contest is counting vegetable garden plants = $1.17 + $12.81 = $13.98
Total would be $103.98

I know the contest is on the honor system. There isn't any way that I could not state my husband's expense.

I'll try to keep my chin up and continue to play. But I am very sad.