Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week 2 Total $117.96

Verry disappointing week.

Total was $123.15 less paper products $1.19 and $4 = $117.96.
Not sure if contest is counting vegetable garden plants = $1.17 + $12.81 = $13.98
Total would be $103.98

I know the contest is on the honor system. There isn't any way that I could not state my husband's expense.

I'll try to keep my chin up and continue to play. But I am very sad.

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  1. The way I shop is to buy what's on sale, stock up when it's on sale, buy cheap. So, in a week I may spend $100, but I don't spend anything for 5 or 6 weeks after that...alot of people keep a 'budget' where they are alotted a certain amount for the house doesn't work that way. We just buy what we want as we find it on sale.

    I know, though, for the purposes of the challenge, it is sad to go over the'll do better this next week!