Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 2 - Wed.

One thing about this contest is that I'm forced to be creative. Many times I think, I could make this or that, but now I'm actually forced to make it.

About 3 weeks ago, the sale on cola was 4- 12 packs coke products for $9 and get a free Hillshire Farm sauage.

I made jumbalya. The recipe was listed on I added shrimp. My kielbasa was turkey so I added liquid smoke. Very good and under $1/serving.

Went shopping:
iceberg lettuce
string beans
green bell peppers
red onion
tilapia 2lbs
gallon milk
yoplait yogurt
fresh mozzarella - deli
calamata olives - deli
bath tissue 1.19
total oop 27.72-1.19 (paper) = 26.53

peanut butter
shredded cheese mozzarella
orange juice
almond milk ...trying to be healthy and received tip from Biggest Loser.
sour cream
wheat bread
2 pork chops
breakfast sausage
2 lunchables
5 lbs potatoes 50cents
sliced mushrooms
mailed coupons didn't work and went to customer service for correction oop $18.30

Keller Farm Stand bought 12 vegetable plants for $1.17
Caputos - had free tomato plants ...took 3

Total so far:
$75.34-$1.19 paper $74.15

Fairly certain that I will not need to buy anything else.
  • Going to zoo today -opted not to buy gogurts and cheese sticks, instead packing pbj sandwiches, 1 yoplait key lime (currently in freezer), lunchables, refill water bottles w/ice water, juice boxes.
  • Friday my husband sometimes buys lunch.
  • 4th of July weekend - would like to go to Ribfest or Lisle Fest - husband loves ribs.
  • Husband wants to cook pub burgers or equal. on Sunday but Sunday starts a new week.


  1. Thursday
    went to Ribfest and spent $7 cash (2 hotdogs, 3 ice cream cones)
    purchased $12.81 in veg plants (5 tomato, 8 cucumber)
    DH was done early and went out with guys and spent $24 no receipt :-(

  2. Sat - purchased $4.?? in paper products (hand soap and garbage bags)