Sunday, June 27, 2010

Week 2 - Sunday

Meal Planning: looked at the All You for 5 recipes 1 grocery list and many of the items are in my pantry/freezer.

Sunday - breakfast - kids' peanut butter toast, glass of milk, fruit; dh & me eggs & toat

lunch - leftovers - husband is eating at his cousins, kids - sandwichs

dinner - going to graduation party


  1. Monday -
    breakfast =yogurt and fruit
    lunch = leftovers
    dinner = homemade chicken tenders and broccoli for kids and pizza from Little Italian -spinach and sausage and clam strips for dh and me. $28.15

  2. Thanks to dear friend for giving me lettuce from her garden to help with salads for the week. Also gave me 2 huge pumpkin plants.

    Thinking of going to Keller Farm Stands to buy replacement plants for my garden; 1 cart full is $25.

  3. Found some green onion plants in my backyard - planted last year??? Great for pastas and stir fry dishes.