Thursday, June 24, 2010

1/2 done with week 1

Thurs - cleaning fridge-
endive lettuce -took large leaves for wraps and for sandwiches and chopped the rest into 3 cobb salads
carrots - added some to salads, peeling and cutting for snacks
thawed green peppers - I used some in the enchiladas on Monday and want to use the rest in a stir fry for tonight

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  1. made magic milk shakes for the kids last night. Taste just like frosties.

    breakfast - eggs and toast
    packed DH lunch - salad, apple, lemonade, water, yogurt (plain mixed with apple jelly)

    Going to beach today - need to pack an afternoon snack for the kids. --keep them away from the vendors.

    Dinner tonight - pasta - italian sausage, prosciutto, green bell peppers, basil tomato cream sauce, pine nuts; garlic bread