Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week #1

Sunday was the first day of the contest and I was pretty nervous because I was out of town, going to a water park, and then going to the airport.

We ate breakfast at the hotel (continental breakfast not available) - cost was 2 breakfast buffets and kids eat free. Total including tip $13.83 - kids also had leftover french toast in-room microwave and we had our first cups of coffee with the in-room coffee maker.

Food - eggs, sausage, bacon, bagels, toast, fresh fruit, coffee, juice

Snack and Lunch - packed a styrofoam cooler in trunk of car with ice from hotel - salads, yogurts, grapes, pretzels, carrot sticks, peanut butter (minis), filled water bottles with ice and added the single serving lemonades to each one.

Dinner - Wendy's for my husband - double cheese burger combo and kids shared a 5 piece nuggets, small fries, and drink oop $10.56
I finished my salad and yogurt at the rental car facility.

We made it through the airport by refilling the water bottles with water (after clearing the security gate) from the water cooler and made it through without buying anything.

Monday - We were on vacation for 10 days and I cleaned the fridge before I left. We were out of dairy products, deli meats, and produce. My trip to Caputos:

gallon milk
string beans
swiss cheese
deli ham
deli turkey
2 - snacks for kids
jar giardiniera
rye bread
oop $36.22

so far total - $60.61

cereal, eggs, toast/bagel

kids snacks - pb crackers, mini cookies, pudding

lunch - pbj sandwich, soup, turkey burger, lemonade

dinner - chx enchiladas (freezer - homemade chx stock, bell peppers, salsa verde), cheese, chicken, tortillas, cream of mush soup; spanish rice (from a homemade premix), fresh fruit

I have leftover mix in the crockpot from cooking the chicken and seasonings, will add leftover rice, cumin, lemon pepper, 1/2 can of corn for tortilla soup. Will freeze some for a cooler day.


  1. Tuesday --
    cereal, fresh fruit, coffee

    packed dh lunch with pretzels, pb, apple, plum, sandwich (rye, lettuce, ham, turkey, swiss, american)
    water bottle + water bottle with lemonade, coffee to go.

    going to park with kids - will pack our lunches w/sandwiches, lemonade - in large party thermos, fruit, string beans & carrots, pretzels

    dinner planned -
    fiber one breaded (incl jerk seasoning, parmesan, walnuts finely crushed in food processor) chx breast, baked and served with a fresh fruit salsa on plain rice

    Want to make cookies for a neighbor who watched my cat while I was on vacation. Also want to make my husband a pie for complying with my participation in this contest. Want to prep cinnamon rolls for tomorrows breakfast.

  2. Tues - wanted to use a tomato with some fresh basil (patio garden) and make a caprese salad...I didn't buy the mozzarella ball because it was $4. I used one of the kid's mozzarella cheese sticks.

    Also, DS wanted a graham cracker and I decided to make him a s'mores. Except we ate all the Hershey bar's during the Blackhawks game (bribery for the kids) and then I ate the rest with peanut butter. So I used some leftover chocolate chips DH, DD, DS had a surprisingly good treat w/cup of milk.

  3. Wed -
    breakfast - eggs, toast, fruit
    packed DH lunch same as yesterday

  4. Wed - lunch w/kids quesadilla, grilled cheese, leftover tomato soup, leftover chx dinner, fresh vegs

    snack - apples w/pb, choc chip cookies

    dinner - pbj kids, green beans, orange jello
    brats, noodle salad/it dressing, cucumbers, tomatoes

    tested the cinnamon rolls--mmmm!!

  5. Thurs - Now I remember last year's contest....dishes, dishes, dishes.

    breakfast: cinn rolls, cereal
    packed DH lunch - sandwich, leftover salad, pretzels, apple, peach, pb, water, lemonade, to go coffee

  6. dishes, dishes, dishes! Me, too! They keep multiplying, but I like trying new recipes so I keep doing it! Keep up the good work!