Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canning Jars/Mason Jars/Ball Jars

I love these jars of all sizes:
1/2 pint
1/2 gallon

We went through a period where all of our drinking glasses (from our wedding) broke. (One by one --no big trauma drama) We used the pint jars as drinking glasses, even today, my kids drink out of them. They think it is silly.

We went on vacation to Tennessee and one of the bbq-restaurants served their drinks in these jars and it seemed authentic.

One of the other uses is for temporary food storage--leftover rice, soup, etc. The benefit is the uniformity of the storage units ie finding lids. I also don't have to worry about plastic toxicity in the food. And I can see what is inside the container.

In the pantry, I don't have to worry about pantry flies or ants.

I use masking tape and a sharpee to label. I tried to be perfect and use labels with typed print. It is a nightmare to get off after use.

I have read and not tried baking a cake inside one. Do a google search of cake in a jar and there may even be a instruction/video.

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