Friday, November 13, 2009

Appreciation Gifts

Do you come up with a great gift idea and the costs are waayyy out of budget? I do all the time. Well, I was at my son's kindergarden class and was talking with the teacher. She has young grandchildren in California, and a number of other interests.

My idea for her appreciation gift: a tape recorder and some books to read to her grandchildren far away. I went to Walmart expecting a recorder to be $10-$14. NO - it was closer to $30. My son has 3 teachers this year due to pregnancy among the primary teacher. But I loved my idea. Found the recorders on ebay (NEW) for $2.98 plus $5 shipping.

I am so excited that I bought one for my mom. I told her to find a book for my son and a book for my daughter.

The beginning of the tape she should say something: "This Grandma ...." "I hope you have your pajamas on, brushed your teeth, and are getting ready for bed. Grandma is going to read you a very special book. I picked this book because...

Page 1 read and remark any notable pictures, turn the page...

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