Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week 2 Menu Ideas

Mon -black bean veggy burgers
Tues - tilapia
Wed - farfalle pasta w/tomato cream sauce, sausage, green onions, sun dried tomatoes
Thurs -Chinese - spicy beef, asian vegetable mix, brown sauce, white rice
Fri - salmon
Sat - Little Italian Pizza - house crust, sausage and spinach
Sunday -grilled chicken and roasted vegetables


  1. Monday-
    breakfast DH scrambled eggs & wheat toast, coffee
    packed his lunch - banana bread, peanuts, water, salad, dressing, pasta salad, plum

    My husband is itching for some take-out. It might be a burrito - El Famous Burrito has get a free burrito with a purchase of $10 or more.

    We will see. Yesterday, I made 2 qts of enchilada sauce (partially to freeze for later use). I can make a stacked enchilada tonight and pick up some avacado for guacamole.

    Stacked enchilada - use a pie plate. Tortilla - refried beans and a little cheese, tortilla and spanish rice, tortilla and taco seasoned ground beef, tortilla and smother with enchilada sauce and a little more cheese. Bake at 375 for 35 minutes covered for moisture, uncovered for crunchiness - your choice. Garnish with sour cream and avacado.

    Typically, this is for 1 person with leftovers for the next day. My husband can eat the whole thing. Which would make you laugh because he's very thin.

    This week my brother is coming into town. My husband wants the steaks he missed out on this weekend. My husband wants Gentleman's Jack for my brother (my brother said it's not necessary). I really should say our brother.

    I need to really watch my budget because my husband has free will and a cash/credit card. :-)

    If I have learned anything about marriage & budgeting it is that I can have the best plan and intentions but I need the cooperation of my spouse.

  2. kids and I breakfast - banana bread
    snack - shared plum
    kids lunch - leftovers plus peas. My lunch soup and salad
    kids snack - cereal
    kids dinner - sausage and ice cream
    DH - people he worked for bought him Wendys
    DH and I frozen pizza
    I - went to an coworkers last day party. Had gin & tonic and ahi tuna with wasabi sesame sauce appetizer - owner took bill. Expected the cost to be $25 (including tip).

  3. Jewel Run:
    20 dannon light and fit yogurts 20/$8 -2
    fresh express spinach salads 2/$5 -.55
    2.2 lbs bananas $1.74- 1.50 instore coupon
    culinary circle pizza - free item
    culinary circle molten lava cake - free item
    culinary circle mousse cake - free item
    shoppers value cookies n cream ice cream - free item
    frozen blueberries - free item
    jewel frozen pepperoni pizza - free item
    ben & jerrys individual cup ice cream 1.77 -1.50
    2 6 pk bottles michelob ultra 11.98 (10 mail in rebate to cover produce)
    2 roma tomatoes .71
    granny smith apples $2.43 lbs = $2.43
    jewel carrots - .99
    celery .99
    2 gatorade 32 oz $2
    1 lb margarine $1
    1 dzn eggs .99
    2 white bread 1.98
    1 arnold whole wheat bread 1.99 -1
    1 gal 2% milk 2.28
    5ct boneless skinless chicken breast 5.33
    oop $38.20 - mail in rebate $10 from beer with produce

  4. Tues -
    breakfast cereal for all of us
    packed husbands lunch - egg salad sandwich with spinach, gatorade, water, apple, yogurt, banana bread
    lunch for me - egg salad sandwich, yogurt, tortilla chips,
    lunch kids - yogurt and pb spoons
    kids snack - pbj sandwiches, choc mousse cake
    dinner - grilled chicken, peas, herb rice
    ice cream

  5. Wed:
    breakfast cereal for all of us
    packed husbands lunch - dinner salad, banana, yogurt, breakfast bar
    packed kids snack - breakfast bar, apple, water
    lunch - yogurts (kids and I) and pbj sandwich

    dinner - had dear friend CJ as guest - spinach salads (pecans, mozzarella, tomato, raisin, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil) homemade foccacia bread, fettuccine with a tomato cream sauce (can petite tomatoes, tomato sauce, italian seasoning, fresh basil, milk, cream cheese as substitute for heavy cream) italian sausage, green bell peppers, roasted red peppers, sauteed red onions, and white wine).
    drinks included rum and cokes CJ and I, and beer DH.
    CJ brought a carrot raisin cake with cream cheese frosting. :-)

    purchased 4 $25 gift certificates through with the discount code NAPKIN and paid oop $9. Certificates good for 1 year.

    Dominicks - Nestle Pure Life Water Sale
    5--24 ct bottles .5 L 2.99 each -$4 coupons
    paid oop $11.21 received $5 off next order coupon and mailed in rebate to receive 2 free cases of water.

    Also, first I went to my usual store and they were out of water. I went to customer service (which I don't normally do) and obtained a raincheck. The reason I don't normally go 1)time and 2) the deal. My deal was based on current coupons (Dominicks takes expired coupons), and ONYO. Well, depending on when the store gets the water, I may not get the catalina ONYO. However, now I have the price of $2.99 locked in for 90 days and it is possible that a new deal and additional coupons will be around then.

    Also, the second store overcharged me. I went to my car and unloaded the 5 cases of water and looked at my receipt. It showed $16.30. It is possible that I bought the wrong size (although I double checked it) or that my math is wrong 5 x 3 - 4 = NO. I went to the customer service area and the woman was very nice. She said that they were having problems with this one. Which leads me to believe that many other people were overcharged - possibly unknowingly.

    Total so far: 38.20 + 9 + 11.21 = $58.41 OOP -10 mail in rebate = $48.41

    MAIL IN REBATES = mailed in all 4 rebates so far this past week. I hope that I receive them before the contest ends.

  6. Thurs.
    breakfast cereal except DH. Don't know if he ate anything.
    packed lunch - yogurt, salad,
    he bought McDonalds $5.80 - no receipt :-(
    kids camp snack - carrot sticks, apple, breakfast bar, water
    lunch - frosties, pbj sandwiches
    dinner - pasta for kids, DH - salmon zucchini cakes with roasted pepper cream sauce, grilled chicken salad with pineapple cherry compote on baby spinach. - bottle of wine.

  7. Fri.
    breakfast - cereal all, coffee for me
    lunch tuna fish sandwich, salad

    We went to a waterpark as a family today (Fri.). The waterpark allowed for bottled water but no food to be brought into the park. We spent $10 on 2 pretzels and 1 redbull. I don't feel too bad because we paid for 1 ticket (20)and 3 free (20+13+13).

    We were able to get out of there without buying ice cream and/or chatchkees.

    Dinner - Little Italian Pizza and appetizer $26.01
    Total this week $101.98 - $10 mail in rebate. (plus have $5 off next order Dominicks and $4 off next order Walgreens)

    What have I learned so far - I was over by $1.98 because of the waterpark and appetizer at the pizza place. 1-I didn't know earlier in the week that my husband would have off of work. I would have packed some lunches and placed them in a cooler in our car or I would have adjusted my spending earlier in the week. 2)I budgeted for the pizza but my husband snuck in his favorite appetizer.

    Sat -
    packed my husband's lunch, we had cereal. Lunch was grilled cheese sandwiches.
    Son went to birthday party and had tooo much candy and cake.
    Dinner - leftovers - pizza
    Snack - breakfast bars and pringles

    I went to Walmart twice (Sat) once with my daughter and once without. We were able to get out of the store without buying any register goodies.---Because I have gum in the car, and I told her she could have a piece.

    breakfast - pancakes (from scratch flour, baking powder, sugar, cinnamon, salt--add egg, oil, milk.

    Thawing out ham and will have a pineapple cherry compote brushed on ham as it cooks. Will serve with coleslaw and corn muffins.