Monday, July 6, 2009


1 - Stockpile - will inventory and post
2 - From Scratch - recipes will post,, and google for substitutions
3 - Couponing websites:,,,
4 - Store Loyalty Cards - Jewel's Avenue, Meijer's mealbox, Dominick's shortcuts
5 - Manufacturer coupons - currently receive 2 Sunday Chicago Tribunes and 1 Naperville Sun
6 - Garden - will post pictures of my two Naperville Garden Plots and will inventory harvest
7 - Menu Planning - 1 week in advance and to have 5 meals prep'd on Sunday evening for the busy work week.
8 - Nutrition - The garden and edible landscape will help. Will incorporate vegetarian dishes, legumes, and fresh fruit (in season) to list. www.sparkpeople has a nutrition calculator that will assist in validating nutrition component of menus.
9 - Creativity - Since I have an interesting stockpile of dried vegetables and fruits, it is possible to swap with friends for legumes or other items. There will be a component of gourmet flair that I want to hit. Some of this is by using 'luxury items' pine nuts, fresh fish, pesto, and goat cheese.


  1. 10- use of wholesale accounts (coffee) and dried fruits & vegetables