Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menus - week 1

Monday - Teriyaki Shrimp, Birds Eye Asian Medley Mix, White Rice
Tuesday - Roasted Salsa Chicken and Broccoli Salad
Wednesday - Hillshire Farm Sausage and Rice Bake
Thursday - Vegetable Lasagna (spinach, homemade ricotta cheese, roasted red pepper, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella)
Friday - Tilapia w/Fiesta Rice - need to buy Tilapia
Saturday - Grilled Chicken and Roasted Vegetables - need to buy chicken
Sunday - Honey Glazed Ham and Sauteed Onions

Let's see how this goes.


  1. Husband and I breakfast - broccoli quiche
    Packed husband's lunch - chicken salad sandwich, broccoli salad, trail mix, nectarine, 1/2 pint jar of pringles, carrot sticks, bottle water w/crystal light single serving.
    break - yogurt bran cherry quickbread and small thermos coffee

  2. kids breakfast: cheerios, milk, mandarin oranges, raisins
    packed snack for son (camp): apple, carrot sticks, cheese cubes
    thank you to a friend for watching daughter: - piece of quiche, quickbread
    office meeting - quick bread slices
    bring apple/ice tea in tall plastic cup with me for car snack.

  3. lunch kids: smoothie (apple/nectarine)
    my lunch - ham/vegetable pot pie, side salad
    ice tea

  4. snacked - made kids and myself homemade frosties :-) check out recipe at magic milk shakes (easy to prepare dry mixes ahead of time)

  5. Monday - follow up -
    Finished day with planned shrimp teriyaki, asian medley vegetables, and white rice. Kids won't eat that - they had apple slices, carrot sticks, cheese cubes, peanuts, and bread, and corn on cob and we split a diet coke - mine with a little rum. :-)
    0 spent.

  6. Tuesday -
    breakfast - quiche and coffee
    packed DH's lunch - (he had too much food yesterday) -repacked trail mix, pringles, exchanged nectarine for small jar mandarin oranges, pb&j sandwich, tossed salad & french dressing, togo coffee & thermos, bottle water.

    My friend DK shared some homemade zucchini bread with me. Packed some for DH break.

  7. Planning Jewel run per and kelloggs rebate: - please check for location of coupons. (I get 2 tribs and 1 naperville sun on Sundays.)

    2 froot loops 10 oz+ -2
    2 rice krispies 10 oz+ -2

    2 special k cereal bars 5ct -1
    2 special k cereal bars 5ct -1

    1 pop tart 8ct-.55
    1 pop tart 8ct-.55
    1 special k blueberry 11.4oz ip -1
    2 kelloggs raisin bran 11.4 oz ip -1.5
    2 kelloggs raisin bran 11.4 oz ip -1.5

    Jewel 1.5 x 15 = $22.5 – 11.55 oop 10.95 – mail in rebate $10 = .95/15 = .06/box

    Seattles best coffee 12 oz ip -1.5 -2.5 avenue - will need to verify final price sb <$5/lb.

  8. kids camp snacks
    carrot sticks
    cheese cubes

  9. forgot to give DH water. told him to keep receipt.
    did the jewel run:
    5 boxes kellogs cereal bars
    10 boxes cereal incl rice krispies, raisin bran, fruit loops total 15.00 less coupons
    1/2 gal deans milk 2.99 less coupons
    oop 12.34 - will mail in for $10 rebate

    didn't get coffee price 8.59/12 oz less coupons 5.09 ok price, but have seen better--will wait.

    kids extra special snack-- kelloggs cereal bars, strained mandarin orange juice and pineapple juice and served over ice.

    kids lunch
    mandarin oranges, pineapple, pepperoni/veg pizza
    my lunch - salad, leftover dinner

  10. Son upset because he wanted the pizza they had at camp ($25 for the whole week of lunches). Made him pizza at home...he won't eat it. Told him camp is very expensive and we need to cut back where we can to save for more camps.

  11. Finished day total $12.34:
    afternoon snacks - sliced apples, dry cereal

    dinner - salsa chicken, brussel sprouts, homemade artisian bread.

    Sliced meat and saved for soup, cooking bones and leftover salsa to make chicken stock.

    DH didn't buy any outside meals/snacks - if we are within budget, I promised him a steak on Saturday night.

  12. Wed.
    DH last piece of quiche
    cereal -kids and I
    packed husbands lunch - salad, he didn't eat sandwich (repacked it), Coke, water, peanuts, apple, zucchini bread

    cleaning chest freezer - found chocolate kisses, cool whip, ground beef (with taco seasoning) - very exciting stuff. Chocolate kisses - for negotiating with kids or fixing boo boos, cool whip for making key lime pie for limes I need to use up, and ground beef for stacked enchiladas (refried beans already in fridge)

  13. my lunch - leftovers, caprese salad
    kids lunch - leftovers

    dinner - prepared sausage and rice. recipe called for cream of mushroom soup - didn't have it - sub yogurt and french onion soup mix and added dried corn, peas, and peppers.
    DH working late possibly eating at a relatives.

    made brownies from scratch.

  14. mmm..vegetable lasagna! Recipe to share for that? Also, I can never get ricotta to work for me..I did manage some wonderful cottage cheese, so I guess that'll work..any tips?

    Great rundown of your days! I'm glad I'm not alone in that we all eat different things at different times...

  15. Hi Beth, I use the recipe from (12 cups water, 6 cups dry milk, reconstitute, bring to 120F, when temperature hits add 1-1 1/2 cups white vinegar and gently stir. turn off heat and let sit for 10-15 minutes. if necessary add a tablespoon at a time of more vinegar. there should be a big clump of curds, strain, rinse with cool water, and add 1/2 tsp salt.)

    recipe for lasagna - I cook the noodles and lay them out to cool off. Then I cut the noodles in half and roll them with the filling, then place them in the pan. It is a cleaner presentation. The filling: ricotta cheese, egg, sometimes parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes (you can make yourself from roma/plum tomatoes) frozen spinach (drained), roasted red pepper (can make yourself), garlic, fresh basil. I love to put sweet italian sausage in (today I don't have any). This recipe gets raves. Last year, I made my husbands office (owner, manager, secretary) each a lasagna, focaccia bread, cookies, and fruit basket as their gift.

    Anyways, I usually make my spaghetti sauce from garden vegetables. I'm out and waiting to make. I have 1 jar left of Bertolli pasta for the bottom and top of the lasagna and top with shredded mozzarella. cook 350F 35 minutes covered.

    ps - when plum tomatoes and red peppers are in season, I make a bunch of sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers and place them in the freezer. The sundried tomatoes end up being very sweet. My husband always thinks I added sugar. To learn how: google how to make...

    Caputos has crazy sales this week. Hot mild italian sausage 1.69/lb for 10lbs+. Green peppers 39cents/lb. I plan to buy the peppers chop some, blanch, and freeze for soups... others, I will slice long, blanch, and freeze for stir fries. The Bel Gioioso Mozzarella Ball is 1.99 - my favorite for caprese salads (sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil- dash fresh ground pepper). strawberries 99cents/lb (freeze whole for cold summer snack for kids), I've already made my strawberry jam, but it can be frozen with sugar for strawberry shortcake. peaches 59cents/lb., black plums 69cents/lb, bananas 33cents/lb.
    We love fresh fruit and I can barely keep it in the house. My kids typically drink water, because I'd like them to get the juice and the fiber from the fruit.
    fyi -Plum jelly - is an ingredient in worcestershire sauce.

  16. Thurs.
    breakfast, husband had leftover zucchini bread and coffee
    packed his lunch - tuna fish sandwich with chopped red onion, slice of cheese, sliced cucumbers. (thanks to dear CJ for bringing over several cucumbers from her garden)
    refilled his 1/2 pint jar with dry roasted peanuts, refilled water bottle, and gave him some chocolate kisses and a brownie.

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  18. couldn't help myself - went to Caputos (all of our fruit is gone --pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, apples)

    baby mushrooms 1.29
    3 lbs strawberries 2.97
    bing cherries 2.33lbs 2.31 (portable - except for pitts)
    3 green peppers .64
    15 plums black 2.07 (portable)
    10 peaches 1.22 (portable)
    mild sausage 3 lbs 5.19
    3 lbs/$1 bananas 2 bunches 1.74 (portable)
    fresh mozzarella ball 1.99
    1 hass avocado .89
    oop $20.67 total for week so far 33.01 (less $10 mail in rebate)

  19. lunch for me - sandwich, cherries, ice tea
    kids lunch - cherries, strawberries, sandwich

    prep'd lasagna used wheat germ instead of parmesan cheese. will serve with caprese salad.

  20. Thurs follow up - DH worked 14 hours and didn't make it home for dinner - he spent $9 on food in a cafeteria. Total so far: 42.01 (-10)
    breakfast DH cheerios with fresh strawberries and coffee
    packed lunch - tuna fish sandwich w cheese, cucumbers. quickbread, peanuts, water, coffee, cherries, banana

  21. jewel run:
    2 dzn lrg eggs 1.98
    2 8 oz mtry jack cheese 1.98
    2 8 oz mild ched cheese 1.98
    4 6 pks bottles michelob ultra 23.92
    oop 31.74 -10 mail in rebate for beer

    paid $5 for son's pizza at camp

    so far $78.75 oop -$20 mail in rebates

  22. kids/my breakfast
    cheerios, strawberries, milk
    my lunch -leftover brussel sprots, bread, peach

  23. I bought a bag of limes a couple weeks ago for beverages :-) and we weren't using them fast enough. What to do - keylime pie good idea - sour mix for margaritas - better idea.
    equal parts lime with lemon juice and equal which ended up being 1/3 cup of each and then 1/3 cups each of water and sugar and 1 egg white.

    1 1/2 oz tequila
    1/2 oz triple sec
    3 oz sour mix
    shake with crushed ice and pour in glass.

    We haven't had margaritas in ages. We used to buy the bucket of margaritas and put them in the freezer. Too many calories. Tonight: 2 margaritas for each of us - perfect.

    dinner - lasagna

  24. breakfast - cereal and bananas
    snack -garden beans
    lunch - DH and I Contessa Mongolian Beef Frozen Dinner, carrots/cucumbers with ranch dressing, soda split with kids
    kids--pizza bites, peach

    went to garden and pulled 3 yellow onions, broccoli, cauliflower, 2 cucumbers, beans, and bunches of swiss chard (will blanch and freeze) and lettuce. I'll be in the kitchen the next 3 hours cleaning, blanching, and freezing, then cleaning the kitchen for dinner.

  25. afternoon snack - pbj sandwiches - kids

    Casey's special dinner:
    32 oz rootbear 1.39
    red grapes $3.82
    apple raisin stuffed pork cutlets 2 ct
    2 ground sirloin patties
    1 lb red potatoes
    oop $17.11
    total so far = 95.86 - 20

    note - we typically plan a special weekend dinner. Since my kids are little, it is not enjoyable for me to take them out to eat. And it is too expensive to get a babysitter.

    red grapes - were not on my list and I took the kids with me to the store. Didn't realize that they cost $3.82/lb ouch. I could have bought 4 dozen plums for that.

    Dinner was great - apple raisin stuffed pork cutlets DH and me, sauteed onions and sliced mushrooms, and roasted red potatoes. Kids had sirloin patties, grapes, cheese cubes.

    Leftover - 1/2 patties for kids, 1/2 cup mushrooms 1/2 cup onions and 1 1/2 pototoes. Plan to have mushroom, pepper, onion omelet for breakfast (with hashbrowns) DH

  26. breakfast - DH made omelet mushroom, onion, potato with mont jack cheese
    kids and I had cereal and plum

    snacks - kids are eating so much fruit, I'm almost out.

    Garden work: 13 qts swiss chard, 2 qts swiss chard ribs, 2 quarts broccoli & cauliflower mix, 6 plates lettuce for dinner salads

    Prep - making chicken soup (from chicken stock made earlier this week and leftover chicken) with sausage, chick peas, dried hot veggies (corn, peas, peppers, tomatoes) used a little corn starch to thicken, cumin, lemon pepper seasoning.

    Separated remaining sausage 1) sausage and onions bake 2) stuffed zucchini or eggplant this week 3) chile

    Making homemade lentil sprouts (started last Sunday). It takes longer than the google directions stated. I'm excited about adding them to my salads (DH not so much).

    To do list: plant more lettuce for the next month, radishes, green beans, and cauliflower. I'm pretty sure that I'll need to add the cost of the plants to my weekly total.
    Need to prep for DH breaks this week a coffee cake with berries.

  27. lunch - soup and salad DH and I
    kids - leftover chopped steak, fruit

    Snack - kids - pbj sandwiches and fruit

    dinner - sausages with bun, pasta salad

    Note: Finished week within budget. I was a little worried. My husband took the kids with him to Home Depot and a few other stores. He was able to get home without buying them candy at the checkout. whew!

    Sunday, I ran out of milk. I mixed some dry milk and put it in the jug. It is ok for cooking, but we'll see if the kids notice when they put it on the cereal. Normally, I don't buy organic milk. There must be a taste difference because the kids drank milk in a glass (which they normally don't do).