Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harvesting 2009

My garden is ready to be harvested:
brussel sprouts
swiss chard
zucchini (thought I planted acorn squash?)

not yet ready to process:
sweet potatoes

In addition to the edibles, we have cut flowers 2 dozen gladiolas and more to bring in, a mixed boquet, and sunflowers. Waiting on the gourds for fall decorations and also gifts for autumn birthdays. Will use the corn stalks as additional decoration for the house. Somehow, I have about 18 mums plants that will need to be transplanted or placed in pots for gifts.

beans and peas didn't do well this year, some cucumbers needed to be supplemented with grocery purchase at 25-33cents/lb.

From the garden, I have processed in August:
13 pints bread and butter pickles
?pickle relish - need to do a recount
13 1/2 pints tomatilla salsa (salsa verde)
1 batch zucchini 'crab' cakes
2 loaves zucchini bread
1 zucchini 'apple' crisp
2 heads of cabbage for coleslaw
1st and 2nd cuttings of lettuce and radishes from a friend and waiting on next planting
8 pints zucchini 'pineapple' cubes
3 pints salsa
6 pints pasta sauce
? quarts (frozen) kale
? quarts (frozen) swiss chard
? quarts of mint tea
? we have eaten the beans and peas as they have been harvested...unable to freeze due to lack of quantity

items from store
fuji apples @49 cents/lb
7 quarts 1 pint applesauce

yesterday, found food dehydrator on craigslist for $6 WOW!
today, purchased 15 lbs of peaches at .59/lb
leftover granny smith apples
put 3 lbs of peaches in dehydrator and 3 lbs of sliced apples in dehydrator

purchased 3 large green bell peppers @ 39 cents/lb

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  1. 1 quart dried eggplant (store purchased 49cents/lb)