Friday, September 4, 2009


My daughter and I went to garden yesterday and picked 3 corn on cob, and a 5 gallon bucket of hot peppers, tomatoes, & tomatillos.

Today, I have a dutch oven cooking pasta sauce and a pot on the stove cooking salsa verde. I was smart this time, I wore rubber gloves as I cleaned the peppers. Almost choked on the fumes. I have several of the Roma tomatoes in the food dehydrator. Let's see how that works.

I hope I have time to clean the jars and do the hot water bath. I still have to do something with a large zucchini. I'm thinking of large cubes and cooking it with apple juice and canning it. What do you think?

Gave away vegetables - 2 quarts each to 2 neighbors.--Always fun to share.

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    9 8 oz jars (larger than 1/2 pint smaller than pint) of salsa verde
    2 quarts pasta sauce
    2 pints peach nectar 6 jelly jars peach nectar
    1 quart sun dried tomatoes