Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Week #4 - Yeah!!

Monday - cereal, coffee
packed snack - joint juice, cranenergy drink, breakfast bar, yogurt (DH was going to buy a sandwich)

Made several Jewel runs - I'll post later -spent 40 oop and received $41 in catalinas :-) unbelievable sales

kids snack - cereal, yogurt, grapes

kids lunch - pb sandwichs
my lunch - yogurt, grapes, leftovers

dinner - kids/me sloppy joes, green beans, frozen strawberries, DH steak/me and mashed potatoes w/green beans

special note - all rebates have been mailed in - went to library to copy forms/upcs. Hope to get them back in next couple of weeks.

Tues. - cereal, coffee
packed DH - joint juice, yogurt, breakfast bar


  1. Transactions:
    Jewel -8-3
    12 btls Heinekin 11.99
    6 honey nut cheerios
    4 cookie crisp cereals 9 oop
    hot dog buns 1.25
    1 gal milk 1.99
    6 pints fannie may ice cream
    3 lbs beef roast eye of round angus 10.25
    beef sirloin angus steak 13.57
    total oop 20.29 (savings $80.96) plus 15 in catalinas

    2nd trans Jewel
    1.84 lbs grapes
    12 skippy natural peanut butters
    oop 7.29 (savings 32.11) 21 in cats

    3rd trans jewel
    5 breyers ice cream
    oop 13.26 (savings 19.50) plus 15 cats

    4th trans Aldi
    4.79 10 lb white rice oop(8.38 other items)

    DH lunch m/t

    5th trans jewel
    5 breyers
    15.26 (savings 17.50) and 15 cats

    note used 16 in cats on non grocery items

    6th trans jewel
    7 bertolli organic pasta sauce
    1 sobe life water
    1.56 lbs grapes
    .90 oop (plus 2.10 non grocery)(savings total 38.24)

    7th trans michaels fresh market
    10 apricots
    10 limes
    10 peaches
    1 red onion
    1 moz ball
    2 tuna steaks
    oop 13.51

    Total so far: 89.21 and $19 remaining cats oyno plus misc cat coupons

    note - missed calculated 1 order of nonfood items and didn't receive $15 cat offer. :-(

    took grapes and sobe water to coworker as thank you.

    Jewel receipts have total savings of $188.31 (does not include aldis or michaels sales)plus I'm up to .27 off/gallon of gas. Last week, my husband redeemed them and saved 6.90 off his fill up.

  2. Wed

    New (financial :-))commitment to Wellness (thanks DRB)-
    breakfast - poached eggs and appricot
    snack - peaches
    lunch breakfast bar, joint juice
    dinner - grilled tuna steaks with a pineapple/pomegranate relish, fresh peas, festive rice.

  3. another jewel trans
    6 hellman mayos 30ozs
    2 heads lettuce
    5 planters trail mix
    2 jack link jerky
    3 lbs green apples
    1 mango
    oop 7.60 didn't receive another $15 cats for hellmans (didn't buy enough needed 4 more...)

    miscounted still have $19 in cats
    oop 96.81.

    What I learned, do NOT take my kids with me to the grocery store. I should have done a price check each time on the catalina deals to verify my numbers were correct. $30 gone, plus the cost of each item went up significantly on those transactions.

  4. wed dh lunch

    Soo busy the rest of the week. Gardening, work....

    Last ice cream deal...I swear
    5 breyers ice cream
    1 loaf pepperidge farm whole wheat bread

    oop 1.30 (used catalinas and received $15 in new cats plus 4 off next set of ice cream. savings, 35.60 so the receipt states.

    gave 2 gallons to EM and 3 gallons to MS.

    on Friday, running from excersize class to kids camp
    spent 4.33 on hamburgers at BK

    total for week so far:
    108.44 still holding on to my cats.

    strategy with cats (as if it matters...I plan to go to the store on Sunday to buy the All detergent. I need the HE ones and I think they will be near free with coupons and catalinas that it generates.

    The contest will be over starting Monday, but I think if it would continue, I would have $30 to start the week off.

    Friday night my dear friend LB came over for dinner. She organized my cords under my computer for dinner.

    I made dinner salad, farfalle pasta with a tomato cream sauce, salmon, red onion, bell pepper, and fresh basil. Made focaccia bread. And had 'culinary circle' molten lava cakes with french vanilla ice cream and coffee for dessert. With my limes, made some more margaritas --yum!

    Now it is Sat night and I made an Italian pot roast with potatoes and veggies.

    Today, washed and chopped garden tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers. I am getting ready to make salsa.

  5. Sunday-
    another jewel run-
    2 bread - 1 white 1 wheat
    1 gallon milk
    head lettuce
    3 lbs granny smith apples
    oscar mayer shaved deli turkey (splurge)
    2 lbs baby carrots
    10 4 packs yoplait/fiber one yogurt
    5lbs flour

    oop 8.34 (savings $47.93) and 15 in additional catalinas; up to 32 cents off per gallon at jewel express

    Sunday we went to a water park with the kids. At this waterpark we are able to bring in a cooler. I packed: apples, carrot sticks, sliced turkey, and bottled water.

    Then we went to dinner at Moe Joes cajun restaurant. We had 3 cocktails, kids had orange soda, jerk chicken appetizer. I had ahi tuna with a cesar side salad and fried okra, my husband had a pasta dish with alligator. We used up one of our $25 gift certificates that we paid $2 for.

    The oop $79.59 (included the 18% tip plus $2).

    So we blew our $100 for the week.

    Total: $196.37

    Note: I do not regret spending the money. We ate well, spent time with they family in a 'staycation', and my pantry is better stocked than when the contest began.