Monday, August 10, 2009

How do I feel after the contest?

I didn't feel all that commited after the first week because I don't think I was registered correctly.

What did I learn: Many things, (1)I think we drink more than we should. My goal this next week is to only have cocktails on Friday and Saturday. This will improve my 'bottom-line' especially for my new wellness initiative. (2) I didn't make my husband's lunches like I did in week 1-3 because I ran out of mayonaisse. I didn't want to buy it without a good deal. Well I could have paid for the mayonaisse several times over with the costs of fast food. Sometimes, I forget that...especially with coffee/or the coffee containers. (3) We don't go out to dinner very often --about 3 times per year unless we are on vacation. I need to look at different savings strategies for this. (4) I did more baking in week 1 than in the other weeks. It is easier for me to bake in the fall and winter than any other time of year because I don't like to heat up my kitchen. However, the early mornings have been cooler and I should have gotten my butt up earlier. Again ran out of flour and didn't want to go to store for that without a coupon or deal. Silly me.

As far as nutrition: My family loves fresh fruit and vegetables. I think I could have done better by incorporating more vegetarian and fish meals. I tried organic milk in week 1. I really need to do a better job of buying better milk for our family. As far as other organic items, I don't typically purchase organic fruits or vegetables. I have a garden that I grow that has most of our vegetables for the year. In the garden, I don't use pesticides or sprays and have my own compost that we use from our yard to fertilize it.

As far as creativity: I could have swapped more and incorporated my friends network. The only problem is that many people in my neighborhood don't cook that much and my friends live a few towns away. I planted a new blueberry bush (purchased prior to the contest) and when the sales for these plants appear in the fall, we will plant a few more. My DH cleared out some unwanted perennials for me for the edible landscaping.

To be perfectly honest, my DH tries to please me. However, this last 4 weeks, it felt that I was checking up on him and I felt like his mother and not his wife. Asking for receipts and questioning him everyday. He usually spends his 'petty cash' on his lunches.

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